Is it Safe to buy Second-Hand Commercial Freezers?

Posted on Apr 25, 2016

Commercial FreezersAs part of your business venture, buying a commercial freezer can be one of the most expensive. Without refrigeration, the world food service business would toil to a crying end. Almost all food service businessmen rely on their commercial freezer to get their business to work.

You sure would love to have one for your business needs. But sometimes you’re left with few options because of a lack of budget. No wonder there are a lot of used freezer dealerships, especially that many are considering for a lucrative profit out from the food business. The question is, is it safe to buy used commercial freezers?

The big answer is, “Yes!”

When you’re comparing apples to apples, a second-hand commercial freezer is obviously going to be less expensive and can help you save money for other purposes. When the second-hand units are raised into the topic, we usually think of ragged things that are near pieces of junk. There are many used units, which range from serviced-old, well-maintained, and near new units that are waiting to be loved again.

Most of the buyers are usually conscious with the age of a commercial freezer unit. Although this is a critical element in considering buying used units, it is not as important as the condition of the unit itself. For example, several of the units of days gone by were built with such high quality than today like some grandparent-old freezers that just won’t die.

Indeed, buying a second-hand commercial freezer can be a little risky but you can have one as easy as purchasing a brand new unit. Freezers are complicated pieces of equipment and there are many possible problems that may arise after buying the unit. What you need to do is to scrutinize the major factors every wise buyer should look at in buying used commercial freezers.

The most obvious factor is to ensure it gets cold when you plugged it in. In other words, you will need a thermometer and better yet, a digital one. A digital thermometer can project the dropping and rising of temperature better than customary mercury-filled ones. You can ask the salesman or dealer to borrow his thermometer when you don’t have yours.

Also, take a good look to see if the door gaskets are working well. Before I get ahead of myself, a door gasket keeps the coldness in and seals it. Therefore, if a unit has worn out or torn gasket, the equipment can’t be as efficient as it should be. On the other hand, do not be easily discouraged with this issue because door gaskets can simply and inexpensively be replaced.

You have to pay a close attention on any leakage like water or oil on the flooring beneath the unit. All water should be recollected in an excess pan at the bottom of the units. You don’t need to be a genius to say any liquid leaking is a bad sign for buying used freezers.

Indeed, the cliché “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” is applicable in choosing your used freezers. How clean the unit is reflects how well it was maintained by the former owner. Needless to say, dirty is not as good as well-maintained units.

Lastly, check if the thermostat is still working (if the unit is equipped). A thermostat maintains the temperature inside the freezer and, at the same time, controls the compressor on how to function. A bad thermostat can prevent the unit from shutting down on temperature and seriously cause damage to the compressor.

As said by Sarah Coles, “Buying used items is good for the environment and your wallet. But, when it comes to white goods, it can be a false economy”. Having a quick guide to buying commercial freezers can help you make great decisions including buying second-hand units.




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