The Advantage of Second Hand Commercial Fridge Over a New Fridge

Posted on Aug 23, 2016

All of your fridge purchases begin with a single decision: New or used?

With fridge manufacturers making and selling hundreds of new models, more than the number of commercial businesses that can utilize them, there are a lot of good units out there waiting for a new owner. But if you’re in a tight budget or thinking of using your money for other business purchases, having a used commercial display fridge gives the most refrigeration for the least amount of cash.

If you’re not yet engaged to the idea of purchasing a brand new model, buying second hand commercial fridges have other benefits, more than just saving good amount of money.

Lower Price Tag and Less Depreciation

The price you pay for a new unit is much higher than what you will pay for a used unit. Also, a new display fridge unit loses its value by hundreds of dollars the moment you will use it a lot and when a newer model arrives in the market. By the time the new unit gets out of the showroom, its price gets depreciated by at least 20-30%. With this view, buying second hand commercial display fridges are better deals.

Gives You Tons of Options to Choose From

Other people buy new commercial fridges from different shops and eventually sell their older units all the time. That gives you more options to choose from. You get more choices in colors and features.

Taming Dependability

The used fridge market has evolved dramatically over the years. Today’s new fridges have become better – and thus, used units have become better. The units’ quality and durability have been improved to catch up with the needs of more demanding consumers.

Over the last few years, dealers (with the help of the manufacturers) have created  ways  to assure their buyers of their second hand unit’s are quality. They usually offer a “certified used-fridge” programs to show the unit had a series of quality inspections before certifying it and offering it to the buyer for sale.. After each unit passes a quality check, the dealer makes a new warranty. 


Even though second hand display fridges don’t have the same warranties as the new units have, there are other services your seller can offer you along with the low cost you’ve paid. Some sellers offer a 3 to 6-month warranty on your units, which may also include other discounts in maintenance and repair.

Lower insurance fee

For a second hand commercial display fridge, you also pay marginally less cost for insurance services.

So if you’re going to ask again if buying a used commercial fridge would be handy, the answer is yes. But you need to set yourself and be a wise buyer rather than just buying one and have absolutely no idea on what they’re doing. Others may be too lazy or don’t have motivation in doing so. Get yourself ahead from the others and be persistent in getting only the best unit for your business. To help you get a kick start, talk to the Worldwide Vending team today.




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